VOW Health | FAQ - VOW Health


How does the VOW Health platform work?

VOW Health allows you to conveniently register for tests and store all their results, along with expert explanations, in one safe, easily accessible place on the Internet.
To start using the platform, you need to register on it. The system will allow you to conveniently select the desired testing plan and frequency. On the provided map, you can easily choose the most convenient laboratory for providing a blood sample.
In the system, we will ask you several questions, the answers to which will be extremely important for our specialists when evaluating the results of your blood test results. After analyzing them, you will receive a message that you can already see the clearly presented results and doctor's recommendations in your account. You will then have the opportunity to ask your doctor questions.

Why do I need to create an account?

After logging in to the created account, you will be able to see the results of your blood test and doctor's recommendations. Also, keep track of your health trends over time.

Where will I provide blood sample?

After registering on the platform, we will provide all the addresses and contacts from which you can choose the most suitable and closest option for you. Once the location has been selected, the administrator of the selected clinic will contact you regarding the time of the visit.

How do I know exactly when I will receive a visit to provide a blood sample?

After registration, your contact details are automatically provided to the clinic of your choice. Its representatives will contact you within one working day to arrange a convenient time for your visit.

Is it possible to order one-time blood tests?

The best way to prevent disease is to have your health checked regularly. Therefore, one-time blood tests are not recommended. However, there is an option on our platform to cancel your subscription at any time.