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Why choose us?

I am happy to work with VOW Health because I believe that a healthy and well-being team is the foundation of success!
It is often heard that people are stressed at work, so we decided to check our company's stress level by taking a blood test. VOW Health are professionals in their field, offering quality medical consultations and clearly understandable test results, that's why we chose them!
Liudas Kanapienis, „Ondato“ founder and CEO
I really like the words innovation, progress, progress, especially in the field of medicine. I think we could definitely attribute them to VOW Health too!
Audrius Minsevičius, „swaY agency“ founder

How does it work?

Please send us a list of employees who want to do blood tests
We will coordinate a suitable time for you and your employees
We will come to your office, collect blood samples and deliver them to the laboratory
Once the results are received, we will prepare a personalized report for each employee based on the results, that can be viewed in their VOW Health account
Our doctors will additionally prepare a general analysis of the company's healts status and give advice on how to improve
VOW Health price could be covered by private health insurance!

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